Membership & Registration

Membership of Britannia runs annually from 1st September to 31st August. Current subscriptions are detailed on the downloadable form below, paper copies of which are on the information table at the Dome (printed on green paper). Please complete the form and hand it to Martin Tomes, Colin Watts or Sean Gridley with appropriate payment, before you join in and play. If you want to join the club part way through a season, or you want to discuss the options available, speak to one of the above or email the club.

pdf icon Britannia 2021/22 Membership form

It is a requirement of the club's 'Premier' status that all members are affiliated to Table Tennis England. Those players intending to play tournaments or league matches must register as a 'Compete Member' (there is a small fee), and social club members must register as 'Club Play Members' (currently free of charge) to fulfil insurance requirements. Note that the categories for membership have changed this year, all of which is explained on the TTE website. You can learn more and register through the TTE website from this link. In previous years TTE have also issued a paper form for postal application - if one becomes available for 2020/21 we will make it available on this page and at the Dome.

Note that participants in league matches and entrants to tournaments will have their registrations checked, so please register in good time each season!

For any person who wishes to play at the Dome on an adhoc basis, you can pay a fee per session each time you visit. This fee is a bargain at £3 per person, per session.