Codes & Procedures


As part of our commitment to Clubmark, the club has adopted Codes of Practice governing standards and fair play. These can be viewed at the Dome or downloaded here:
CoP Members
CoP Coaches
CoP Officials and Volunteers
CoP Parents and Carers

In addition, the club Constitution and Rules are written into the Britannia Code. This explains roles within the committee, team naming conventions and many other relevant aspects of the club. A printed copy is kept at the Dome or can be read below:
The Britannia Code

Britannia have achieved Clubmark status, a Sport England audited process that ensures the club performs to the highest standards and meets current legislation as well as best practice for sporting clubs. To see our current certificate click here.

Accident Forms are available at the Dome and should be used for every accident or serious incident, in the interests of preventing the same happening again. These should be sent to or left for the Club Secretary to assess and take any necessary action.


To comply with Clubmark we have formalised our Policies. These are, again, viewable below or at the Dome:
Equal Opportunities Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Equity Policy
Data Privacy (GDPR) Policy

We will in time be updating our Policies and Procedures. In the meantime, as and when TTE issue updates to theirs, we will include links here as they may be worth checking out:

TTE Diversity & Inclusion Policy


The club have recently updated the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (August 2021). This replaces the previous Child Protection Policy, now also making provision for Vulnerable Persons. You can view the relevant details either at the Dome (on display on the Junior noticeboard) or via the link below:
Child and Vulnerable Person Safeguarding Policy/Procedures

As part of this process we have updated DBS checks, with the current list of checked officers and members:
Britannia DBS register
Table Tennis England have a lot of advice and information on their website on safeguarding and related matters. You can view this here:


Complaints Procedure (written)
Complaints Procedure (flowchart)

To contact the club

You can contact the club, and its committee, in one of the following ways:
- by email   (these are presently routed to Martin Tomes, Club Chair)
- by phone   07879 408092   (this is Sean Gridley's number, Club Secretary - please be patient, he may be working, sleeping or travelling)
- in person   the committee members are often at the club - details in the document below (also displayed at the Dome):
2023 - 2024 Britannia Committee