News & Events

Forthcoming Events

BTTC AGM 25/7/24 - Dome - 19:30

Please come to this - we need more input and assistance from our many members.
There are vacancies coming up on the committee, don't be scared of joining in and giving the club some fresh impetus.

Click here for the meeting Agenda

BTTC Clothing Range available online

The club have joined up with to provide casual sports clothing with the club logo printed or embroidered on them (depends on the item). St-Cyr already run this for a large number of sporting clubs in East Anglia, and the references we have received from two of these say that the clothing is of good quality, with very good service.
You can view the items available via this link -

A few points to note:
- Britannia get a small amount from the sale of each item
- orders generally take about 2 weeks to supply, via post, to your chosen address. Do not for any reason try to get items delivered to the Dome!!
- although items can be returned (as per distance selling regulations), once the logo has been applied, the club will be charged if you do this, so take care when ordering

Competition shirts, bats, rubbers etc need to continue to be ordered via Aad and his contacts. The items from the online shop are casual clothing, such as training polo and T shirts, hoodies, track suits, shorts, beanies, fleeces and sweatshirts. They are in club colours of red and black.

Payments to the club by Bank Transfer

We can now accept payments (membership / tournament entry) to the club by Bank Transfer. This means that you:
- don't have to remember cash and find a committee member to pay
- don't need to make up daft excuses why you haven't paid up when you are still playing at the Dome
- can donate to the club from your armchair at home anytime you feel like it(!)

Pay to Britannia Table Tennis Club, Co-op Bank
sort code 08-92-99
account 67235724
You MUST include your full name so the payment can be easily identified. If paying for multiple people or events, please send a separate email to the club or Colin to clarify.

Openings to Sponsor Britannia

For various sensible reasons, Britannia have never needed generous, powerful and numerous sponsors so much. Any ideas whatsoever please contact Martin or Colin. We actually have a lot to offer, with the number of members and visitors to the Dome, and our fine website (you are reading it, several hundred others do every month).

Completed Events

Britannia Closed Senior Championships 9/7/2023

A 16 player heat-fest, complete with a lovely home-cooked tuck shop, very enjoyable. Pretty much dominated by Andrew Dosher.
Click here for results and report.

Britannia Club History

Mick Talbot has but together a history of our club, that is well worth a read - see the Home page, near the top, for more details
There is also a printed copy, in the Dome, in the rack by the main noticeboard.

People with Parkinson's Britannia group

Andy Cassy's PwP group have had a good year, and submitted this report for our AGM minutes. There is also a hard copy that will be with the AGM minutes shortly, at the Dome (look on left of main noticeboard).

In addition, this forthcoming event may be of interest.

If you want to know more about our PwP group, let us know and we'll put you in touch with Andy (or contact him direct).

Junior Success Stories spring 2023

Congratulations are due to Isaac Kingham, who has become English Schools U16 champion. Also to Joe Fortnum-Adams who won the British U19 Paralympic championship (pic here) and the English U19 Paralympic championship as well (pic here). All huge achievements, well done.

George Earle

Sad news that George Earle passed away recently at home aged 90. He played table tennis for more than 60 years, much of this as a coach, helping young and inexperienced players improve and enjoy the game. He was kind, patient, fun to be around and will be missed.
A service to celebrate his life will be held at Dedham church, 12 noon, 24th May, all welcome.

Suffolk Seniors champs at the Dome Sun 12th March 2023

This was a very well attended and enjoyed event - results will be published here once made available.

Defibrillator at the Dome

The new defibrillator is installed near the ladies restroom, on the wall.

BTTC Senior Championships Sunday 4th September

A really busy day of events, on a very hot day. Plenty of knackered players at the end. For a full report and pics click here.

2022 Summer League

It came, it ran, it provided the usual highs and lows. No grand final this year as we were in holiday season by the time the leagues finished, but I think Clive French's team won the Tuesday league and Dave Gough's Stray Cats won the Wednesday league. I'm sure someone will correct this if it's wrong, or fill in any extra details, all good fun though.

2nd Parkinsons UK TT Champs 2022

Our own Andy Cassy is the UK's 2nd Open National Champion - many congratulations to him.
For a report and pics from the event click here.

BTTC Junior Champs 2021/22

Tremendous turn out, standard of play and sporting displays on July 2nd at the Dome.
For details please read Wayne's report here

Adult Coaching Sessions at the Dome

Following good attendances at the previous sessions, Aad has set up some more Friday dates for adults of any standard.

Times are 20:15 - 22:00, and the cost per player is £12 (to be paid on the night or transferred in Aad's account). Note that the Friday practice sessions are suspended for each date.
13th May 
17th June
1st July (all 2022)

If you are interested, whether BTTC member or not, contact Aad -

Covid and other Dome procedures - March 2022

Following Government recommendations and instructions to cease using the NHS app, the Committee have decided to remove all Covid restrictions from the Dome (e.g. 2m distance, recording of attendees etc). The only measures that are to remain are the general instruction not to enter the Dome if you are unwell in any contagious way, and we will leave hand/table sanitising items on the table as these have proved a sensible measure anyway.

Suffolk Top 12 Tournament - 10/4/22

Held at the Dome on Sunday 10th April with an even split of young and super-experienced talent from Suffolk. The event was, in the end, dominated by younger players as tiredness for the senior players may have been a factor. Winner was Isaac Kingham, unbeaten on the day, seeing off Alex Attew in 2nd and Andy Warner in 3rd.     

Official report is here, including pics

Cleanliness at the Dome

There have been recent (fully justified) complaints about the way some players are treating the Dome. The kitchen in particular has been used as if we have a cleaner or servant on hand all the time. We know the Dome is no palace, but it is the best we have and for everybody's sake, do your bit to keep it sanitary. 

We rely on volunteers for running the Dome and the club - a handful of people do a significant amount for the club; don't expect them to do even more because you can't be bothered to help!

It has been a while since the Dome had a serious deep clean - this is planned for Sunday 27/3 at 4pm. If you own a pair of rubber gloves or want to get your hands on Sean's extending pole, please either turn up or let us know, all extra help much appreciate

Suffolk Seniors Champs - Sunday March 6th 2022

Another well-run event, notable for the number of Juniors taking part and their high levels of performance.
For the official report click here

Suffolk Veterans Champs - Sunday 23rd Jan 2022

A lively event, enjoyed by the 18 taking part. Click here for Report and Results

Suffolk Junior Closed Champs - Sunday 30th Jan 2022

Very competitive event, with a ridiculous standard of play from many of our home-grown Juniors. Click for Report and Results

Adult Coaching at the Dome

Aad is running some trial sessions for adults who want to improve. These are on the following Fridays:
Nov 26th
Dec 10th
Jan 14th

Times are 20:15 - 22:00, and the cost per player is £12. Note that the Friday practice sessions are suspended for each date.
The trial will be reviewed in January and may be extended if successful (it is in response to members asking Aad if such sessions can be arranged).
If you are interested please email Aad -

Changes to adult practice and re-admission of guests

From 1st October there will be some changes/tweaks to our practice sessions, aimed at being sustainable for the foreseeable future.
- Guests will be re-admitted to the Dome, £3 per session
- Pre-booking for the main practice sessions on Thursdays and Sundays no longer needed
- Monday-Wednesday sessions will cease when winter and summer leagues are in progress
- The details for session leaders and the planned/occasional sessions are detailed here

Covid protocols remain necessary, so recording of those present will continue, with contact details. Hall ventilation, hand sanitising etc still to continue, but the main protection is that if any player, parent or spectator is ill or displaying symptoms, please stay away. If anyone tests positive after attending a session please let the cub know.

Membership Renewals at BTTC

Membership rates are unchanged from last year, becoming due at the end of August.

You can renew now for 1/9/21 to 31/8/22 by filling a form from either:
- the Membership page on this site (now updated), or
- using a form from the desk at the Dome 
Completed forms can be passed, with payment, to Colin, Martin or Sean. Sorry, we have not yet been able to arrange online payment.

Note that as IDTTL are looking to restart from October, we are now accepting League Fees as part of Membership, details of which are on the forms.

IDTTL winter 2021/2

The news from the IDTTL AGM was that the league should be able to start again towards the end of October, with 4 divisions, as before.
There are 12 teams entered from the Dome, although 2 each are St Margarets and BT teams who are "between premises". There are 4 teams each allocated to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday home nights, i.e. generally 2 matches each night, each week.

See Colin if you are interested in playing as he may know of a spare spot somewhere.

The IDTTL championships may be returning to the Corn Exchange this season, albeit not necessarily permanently (depends on finances).

BTTC AGM Thurs 26th August 2021 at 19:30 at the Dome

Last year's AGM was not held due to Covid. The meeting was low key, with Covid and Safeguarding issues being the main points of discussion. The minutes will be published at the Dome as soon as they are available (see the slots on the main noticeboard)

UK Ping Pong Parkinson's National & World Championships

See the section right at the bottom of this page for the summary of PwP events this autumn, culminating in the World PwP championships in Berlin.

Club member Andy Cassy organised and participated in these events - trmendous work.

Coaching at the Dome - Committee Statement

The Britannia committee is proud of the successful Junior coaching programme devised and run by Aad at the Dome. We must support this as it continues to evolve, and unanimously believe it is in the best interests of the club to restrict paid coaching for Juniors at the club to Aad alone.

Aad will continue to develop, include and cooperate with our volunteer coaches and helpers.

Peter White

It is with sadness that we learned about the passing of Peter, who played for decades with and against many people in the area who knew him to be a keen competitor, lover of fair play and a warm friendly team-mate. He battled cancer with complication for several years.

Previous Covid posts - temporarily suspended during club closure

The Dome re-opens on Dec 2nd. As we are in Tier 2 there are a few changes to the previous procedures, the summary of events is this:
- Aad's and Sean's coaching sessions are as before in bubbles of 15
- Vets sessions with Colin may need to change, he will clarify this if you contact him or turn up
- Summer League cannot resume until further notice
- Adult practice sessions are in bubbles of 2, so generally 3 bubbles and 6 players total. No mixing, no multiple sessions for any player

The default for track and trace is for the session leader to record attendance and each player either uses the NHS App and QR code displayed or their contact number must be recorded. There will be a box in which to post attendance forms

Adult practice is possible Mon - Fri eves and more slots on Sat and Sun. CURRENT SCHEDULE OF PRACTICE SLOTS IS HERE, still waiting for more keyholders to respond for us to add more regular sessions. We are trying for more sessions given numbers are being restricted.
Note that over Xmas / New Year period some sessions may not run due to personal/family reasons; plese check with the session leader for booking and confirmation.

Players must be members, guests cannot participate and spectators are not permitted unless they are parents and their staying is agreed with coaches. Notices and attandance forms will be updated by Wednesday 2nd Dec.

Britannia accepting new members

To make sure all newcomers (and returnees) settle in with these procedures, there are some simple criteria should you want to join:

- make an appointment to meet Colin Watts, Sean Gridley or Martin Tomes at the Dome, so they can take payment and ensure your understanding of and compliance with the current procedures. 
- email Martin via if you are unsure, he can help

You will then be able to book into appropriate sessions.

Relevant documents, so you know what is going on (click to download): 2020/21 Membership Form; Dome entry criteria; Covid procedures

Membership renewals are due - please proceed with these to be able to continue practicing at the Dome

The Committee recognises that 2019/20 members lost about a third of their normal playing time due to events outside the control of anybody. Those full members renewing for next season (we hope you all do) can claim a proportionate reduction in the fee in recognition of this. Please see the new Form for details and renew to continue playing. Forms on table in Dome in addition to the downloads on this site.

Britannia are a TTE Premier Club, one requirement being that all our members are also members of Table Tennis England. This is odd because only private club practice is currently permitted, but we ask you to all register in any case. Details and TTE link on Membership page

Preparation for re-opening the Club 18/7/20

The Dome has had a deep clean, ready for play to recommence. Dirty, unpleasant work, sincere thanks in no particular order to Sean Gridley (who managed to clean the ceiling), Rachel Fortnum-Adams, Sara Stroet, Andrew Dosher, Colin Watts, Lavinia Dodd and Paul Kingham. 

New Club in Woodbridge?

We have been contacted by a chap looking to start a new club at Woodbridge Community Hall. Still quite a few details to iron out, but in the meantime if anyone knows of a reasonable table that is available for donation, can they let Martin know via the club email address, so details can be passed on?

Once the club is functioning we will post info about it here.

Lockdown 2020

You will notice a lack of normal club activity and results during the Coronavirus lockdown. More than 4 months of playing time was lost until the club re-opened on Sat 25th July. Let's hope we never have to do that again.

Suffolk Senior Champs 9/2/20

A very busy and exciting championships held at Stowupland. Full results are here, featuring many of your favourite Britannia and IDTTL stars.

Suffolk County Juniors 8/12/19

Click here for the report on the Championships

Suffolk Veterans Champs Nov 21st 2019

Some quality stuff at the championships as usual but a surprise winner of the main event - all details in this report

East Anglian Top 16 event 20/10/19

An exciting event with many skillful and hard-fought matches. Full report is here

Summer League 2019 - Finals

After an excellent summer league, all the final positions were hammered out this week. As the only match that really counted was the final between Gladiators and Big D, we'll dismiss the others as friendly sporting contests played in the best spirit of a too-hot evening, and concentrate on this.

Gladiators, comprising the formidable trio of Rob Wood, Bernie Ulph and John Seabrook (combined ages approx 290 years) played their normal fluid attacking table tennis (i.e. not fluid or attacking at all) to overcome their Premier opponents Andrew Dosher, Clair Westlake and Rosemary Curtis. In a nail-biting match it came down to an edge on the final point of the last game to squeak it 5-4 overall. Having lost in the previous 4 finals it was a popular result for the lads, and combined with promotion for Britannia Eagles and Petrels, all team members are laden with trophies.

Many thanks to Sean Gridley for his relaxed and carefree running of the league. In his own words the whole event was made by magnificently accurate handicapping. Well done to all teams involved, see you all next year.

Cerebral Palsy SportStart event 2/8/19

Britannia and the IDTTL were invited to coach the table tennis element of this - short report here.
Official report on the day is here, from which images can also be accessed

Britannia On Tour - trip to France 2019

4 intrepid club members went to France 14-16 June, to meet up with 2 more who recently moved back there (Sylvain and Loic), and play 17 hours over two tournaments. The short report is here.

Pics from the weekend: (1) Head Hankie (2) Sean and Chris (3) Dodgy Headband (4) Brits on Tour (5) Petit Dejeuner (6) Avrille Party (7) Prizewinners

Isaac Kingham - National U11 runner up!

Hugely successful trip to the National U10-U13 championships in Wolverhampton for Isaac, bagging a runner-up spot at U11 and getting to the last 16 at U12.
Write up from the Ipswich Star is here, and click here for a pic of the lively lad himself. Report on TTE website is here.

BTTC AGM May 2nd

Held at the Dome - nothing controversial happened, minutes will be posted in the Dome when ready.

BTTC Championships at the Dome April 27/28th 2019

Junior events were hotly contested on Saturday, despite missing some players for National Schools champs - full results report here

Senior events took place on Sunday, with a few big names missing but 4 Juniors played who contributed greatly to the proceedings. Report to follow, and in the meantime some pics:
- Andy and Andrew, who sorted the Mens and Veterans between themselves
- Chris and Joe, who took part in the first all double-barreled final, the Restricted
- Jack and Joe, from the Handicap event

Super Series April 2019

The last event of the season saw 19 entrants and a hard fought contest - report is here

End of IDTTL Season Round-up April 2019

It has been a quieter season for Britannis teams in the league this season, with a few odd fixtures outstanding it looks as if the only movement up or down of any of them is the Petrels promotion up to Div 2.

One other positive is that the Swifts won the Handicap Cup, beating a determined Pickwicks A side in efficient fashion. With the scores level into the second half of the fixture, Swifts trio of Sylvain, Martin and Kelly (with Tomasz watching) made their experience pay over the handicaps to win with a little to spare at the end.

IDTTL Championships 16th/17th March 2019

Attendances may have been down (particularly in the Junior sections) but competition was still fierce.

Credit went to several Britannia league players for fine performances, and bagging trophies, led by Henry Shaw, who murdered the Junior events and went on in much the same vein in the adult ones as well, taking some notable scalps and the performance award. Father Wayne Shaw picked up a doubles title as well.

One player Henry failed to trouble was the enigmatic Sylvain Floury, who mopped up the Div 1 and Restricted titles. The Premier singles went to our own Sean Gridley, a popular winner.

Some action shots of competitors are currently gracing the IDTTL home page, where full results are posted.

New BTTC Club Sponsor for 2019

We have bagged the Hundreds of Years Consultancy (Hoycon) as a sponsor for the whole of 2019. This is a network of experienced professionals whose knowledge crosses into many spheres. For a better description of what assistance they might offer you or your business, why not visit their website or contact them via

More details are on our Home page - you may also notice the new banner on display at the Dome.

The club values any sponsorship and asks its members to actively consider supporting sponsors, so we keep them!

Super Series 10th March 2019

16 entrants and another hard fought event - full report here

Suffolk County Veterans - The Dome 17/2/19

A disappointing turnout for a short notice event still saw some hard competition on the day.
Full report is here

Super Series 27th Jan 2019

Another action packed event - full report here

IDTTL EGM - Weds 23rd Jan - 7:30pm - ISC Henley Rd

2 radically different league formats were voted on for the 2019/20 season, plus the option of not changing the current league format.. See Proposal 1 here, and Proposal 2 here.

In the end, proposal 2 was narrowly defeated by "no change". 

Super Series 2nd December 2018

Very high standard field saw some very competitive games, with Sam Wilson victorious. For full report click here

East Anglian Top 16 2018

Held at the Dome Sunday Nov 25th - report is here

Table Tennis at the Town Hall

Ipswich Borough Council have installed a table in the Giles Room at the Town Hall. Access is via the main entrance on Cornhill, opening hours are 10:00 to 16:00 weekdays.

See the Council's Facebook post here:
Please like and share!

Anyone can pre-book an hour slot by calling 01473 432374. There is a £5 refundable deposit for anyone requiring loan of bat and balls.

In addition, the Council have put new tables into Bourne Park and St Augustine's Rec, to add to the tables already in Christchurch Park.

Not a bad return from the recent club / IDTTL event, when we took tables to IBC to raise awareness, well done to all concerned.

Juniors Round-up 22nd October

Busy weekend for Britannia youngsters (writes Aad)

Over the weekend we had players competing in three different events. On Saturday we had Lucy N., Isobel, Luke, McKenzie and Henry representing Suffolk in the Cadets team. After a slow start with a loss to Middlesex I, the players stepped it up and had a draw against Essex and a win against Middlesex II. Matches were played at the venue of NETTS in Earls Colne, Essex.

On Sunday there were seven Britannia players at the St Neots one-star. With McKenzie (winner Juniors, RU Cadets), Isobel (winner Cadet girls, RU Junior girls and RU Junior boys plate) and Tarun (RU U11’s plate) winning trophies, it turned out to be a very good day. No trophies but equally good performances from Alexander, Isaac, Joseph and Loïc. It was good to see the players supporting and coaching each other. Unfortunately Sylvain had some car trouble on the way home, but Loic didn't mind, having nailed runner's up spot in the U13 plate.

To finish it off James played in the Britannia Super Series event. He came third at the end of the day.

Super Series 22 October 2018

13 contestants and a good contest - report is here, winner Adam Jepson is here

Suffolk Top 12 2018

Two late withdrawals reduced the field to 10 players, but a lively tournament ensued, including 4 of the county's top juniors. Click here for report.

Super Series 2 Sept 2018

Hotly contested with 20 entrants - report is here

2018 Summer League - They think it's all over... It is now

A tremendously hard fought final between Ducking Ping Pong and Gladiators saw Ducking prevail 6-3, but several games were desperately close.
For everyone else, it was holiday table tennis, but good fun. Thanks to Sean for taking over the reins this year, and well done to all finalists.

Until next year then.....

National Table Tennis Day - Weds July 18th

The day went ahead as planned, tables being taken to IBC HQ at Grafton House. Report is here, with pics Teenagers, Table Crew, Chief Exec, Round the Table, IBC Staff and Chuks.
In the meantime, the IDTTL facebook page has details and pics, why not have a look (and like it!?)

All in all, the day provided suitable encouragement to consider a similar exercise next year, once again as a BTTC / IDTTL joint venture, or even host a Council Championships at the Dome. Watch this space!

Table Tennis road trip 2018 (5 go to France)

Britannia members hoof off to France for the weekend for 18 hours of knackering fun. For report click here.

Photos from the weekend (see text for more details: 1) Limbering up on the plane, 2) Giant mechanical elephant, 3) Nigel's organ, 4) How to arrive at a serious sporting event, 5) Thouare hall, 6) Avrille hall, 7) Sylvain's team, 8) Miriam's team, 9) Angers tapestry

Suffolk Veterans Championships Sun 6th May 2018

An exciting round of events in blisteringly hot weather - full report is here

Britannia AGM, Thurs 3rd May, 19:30, the Dome

This passed off without controversy, minutes are in the noticeboard pockets, at the Dome

Britannia Champs 28/29th April 2018

At the Dome, Juniors Saturday report here and Seniors Sunday report here.

Final Super Series 2017/18 April 8th

This was a humdinger with plenty of shock results. Report is here

Vets Super Series March 18th

This event went ahead despite the bitter weather and produced some high-class stuff. Click for report here

IDTTL Champs 17/18th Feb 2018 (at Kesgrave)

Enjoyable event and organised impeccably as usual. Along with the expected big Britannia names of Richard Hutchinson, Andy Warner, Ryan Collins and Dan Shelley mopping up trophies, there were successes for our European contingent of Sylvain Floury in the Restricted Singles and Miriam Hetzel in the Ladies Doubles. Congratulations all.

Britannia achieve Clubmark renewal

We are pleased to announce that following a meeting at the Dome on 12/1/18 the renewal was rubber-stamped, following almost a year of graft and paperwork (due to new and stringent requirements). Claire Brockwell met with Martin and Colin, joined in the Vet's session, checked out facilities took pictures and copy documents and passed on the good news.
Thanks to everyone who contributed, but mainly Mick Talbot for breaking the back of the submissions.

Suffolk Senior Champs 28/1/18

At Stowupland high school - full report and results here

Super Series Jan 18th

This series is hotting up, 4 down 2 to go. Report is here

Read Aad's blog about Britannia and coaching

Our coach reveals what he's been doing..... link to it here

East Anglian Top 16 - Sat 30th Dec

Won by Steven Gray of Cambridgeshire, who knocked out Andy Warner on his way to the final against IDTTL 1st div player Gary Young. 
Full report here.

Our Splendid Juniors...

...have been competing in National Cadet and Junior Leagues. Latest results are here

Vets Super Series Nov 12th

Won again by Andy warner, 19 runners. Full report and pics here

Vets Super Series Oct 29th

Won by Andy Warner in a surprisingly small (but perfectly formed) field of 13 players. Full report is here

Alex Attew wins U15 2* Event at Batts

A stormer from Alex. McKenzie and Lucy also took part but were unfortunate to exit from the early knockout rounds.
Pics of Alex with Grandmother here (1) and running to the event here (2) and with father here (3).He pocketed a cool £100 for the win. Pic of Lucy here

Super Series Sun 1st Oct

Won by Andy Warner from Chris Cockburn, the event enjoyed by 17 entrants. Click here for full report

Super Series went international!

A modest turnout of 16 players saw Mathieu Jubault, who travelled from France for the event, take first place over Chris Cockburn in a thoroughly enjoyable even. Click here for full event report

Suffolk Top 12 Event Sun 10th Sept

A hard fought event won by Andy Warner, featuring an excellent display from Alex Attew. Full report here.

Adult Coaching event Sept 9th

This was cancelled due to lack of uptake - only two entrants.

Summer League - Final Positions after Playoffs

Following the play-offs this week we have the final results, with Sacre Bleu pipping Gladiators for the prestige of overall champions. The result hinged on erratic Martin Tomes v formidable Rob Wood, but hitting and hoping triumphed (just) over pimples and patience for a surprise win. Congratulations to all who took part, also to Brian Blagden who expertly marshalled the event as always. It was good to see new players and Juniors taking part in good numbers, adding an element of chaos to the handicapping but variety to the play. FOR THE FINAL POSITIONS click here.

For those of you who like a good table tennis puzzle, we had an interesting scorecard from one of this week's fixtures If you can work out what happened and who won what, please send your answers to Kieran Bean who may offer a small prize.

Summer League - Final Table and Playoffs

With the final results in, congrats are due to Gladiators, who won the Tuesday league in their customary dour and efficient fashion, while Sacre Bleu won the murderously competitive Wednesday league with flair and an entertaining style. The defending champs Duckling Ping Pong tried very hard and managed a creditable 3rd place in Wednesday's division.  For the final table please click here

Ping Pong Parlour open in Sailmakers/Tower Ramparts!!

Since Friday 23rd June there is a Ping Pong Parlour in our town, ground floor of Sailmakers (next to Poundland). Purple carpets, orange walls, 3 tables, bats and balls, all for passers-by to play free of charge. This is one of the pop-up parlours launched by TTE to promote the sport - there for seven weeks to cover National Table Tennis Day on July 12th and beyond. We are curious that TTE don't appear to have let us or IDTTL know about this, as we are in regular contact with them, but at least there was an article in the Star.
Wander down? Tell your friends? Pics here are courtesy of Rosemary: Pic 1  Pic 2  Pic 3 
It's like announcing that the Martians have landed...!

Super Series 7th May

2nd Parkinsons UK TT Champs 2022

Our own Andy Cassy is the UK's 2nd Open National Champion - many congratulations to him.
For a report and pics from the event click here.

People with Parkinsons (PwP)

Club member Andy Cassy, having set up the PwP practice group at the Dome, took part in the inaugural Ping Pong Parkinson UK Championships at St Neots in August 2021. Click here for the tournament report

For another article on the ITV website, about the benefits table tennis brings in maintaining motor skills for those with Parkinsons, click here

Andy and a number of other UK PwP players played successfully in the recent World PwP Championships in Berlin; for report click here

For the full story, with images, see this summary for 2021. Well done to Andy and all concerned, quite a story.

Britannia On Tour - trip to France 2019

4 intrepid club members went to France 14-16 June, to meet up with 2 more who recently moved back there (Sylvain and Loic), and play 17 hours over two tournaments. The short report is here.

Pics from the weekend: (1) Head Hankie (2) Sean and Chris (3) Dodgy Headband (4) Brits on Tour (5) Petit Dejeuner (6) Avrille Party (7) Prizewinners

Open Day 2018 / National TT Day at IBC

The day went ahead as planned, tables being taken to IBC HQ at Grafton House. Report is here, with pics Teenagers, Table Crew, Chief Exec, Round the Table, IBC Staff and Chuks.
In the meantime, the IDTTL facebook page has details and pics, why not have a look (and like it!?)

All in all, the day provided suitable encouragement to consider a similar exercise next year, once again as a BTTC / IDTTL joint venture, or even host a Council Championships at the Dome. Watch this space!

Table Tennis road trip 2018 (5 go to France)

Britannia members hoof off to France for the weekend for 18 hours of knackering fun. For report click here.

Photos from the weekend (see text for more details: 1) Limbering up on the plane, 2) Giant mechanical elephant, 3) Nigel's organ, 4) How to arrive at a serious sporting event, 5) Thouare hall, 6) Avrille hall, 7) Sylvain's team, 8) Miriam's team, 9) Angers tapestry

Table Tennis Road Trip to France June 2017

Any excuse for a jolly trip, Martin Tomes and Sylvain Floury spent a weekend in France playing 2 tournaments in the sweltering heat. Click here for a short report and pics

Open Day 2016

This was successful and enjoyable. Click for event report and for photos


Britannia Open Day 2015

Held at the Dome, Sunday 19th July 2015

Click for Report and photos